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Tuition and Fees

We strive to balance access, low ratios, excellent offerings and the recruitment and retention of absolutely phenomenal educators.

Tuition Cost: Tuition for the 2022-2023 academic year is $800 per month. If you are interested in seeking financial aid and scholarships please click here to help us create your customized My Magnolia Plan.

Application Fee: $100 (one time)


Enrollment Fee: $500 (one time)

*Aligned with our mission of inclusivity, we provide limited financial aid. If you have questions regarding scholarships and aid, please complete the My Magnolia Plan form here. If you would like to talk more, please reach out for us to explore financing options together.

 Our Program

Our founder, Dr. Natalie N. Summerville, taught for over 25 years and earned her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from George Mason University and continued a passion for innovative education. At The Grand Magnolia School, we approach learning in new ways rooted in established approaches. We are inspired by Reggio Emilia, Angela Duckworth, Carol Dweck, Maria Montessori. We incorporate ample time in nature, play, creativity, and experiential techniques in a a way that works well for children who thrive in an environment that feels like home with plenty of individualized attention.

Our cohort-based model helps our students grow and learn together. Excursions and outdoor adventures keep children active and engaged as they formulate rich schemas for new and old topics and engage actively with the world and their local Richmond community.

We have found that children learn by seeing and doing. In addition to the work we do together in the learning home, we get out every single day to bring learning to life in vivid color. One day we might collect leaves to illustrate the process of decomposition and its role in environmental sustainability and the next we may create seasonal art inspired by what we discover at Maymont. We treat every day as an adventure.

Grand Magnolia strives to educate each child as a whole being, because we know each child is capable of incredible.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many children do you enroll?

Our school consists of 8 children in two amazing cohorts.


For 2021-2022: Openings in our cohorts sometimes arise during the current academic year. Please contact us for availability or to apply here to join our waiting list to be notified immediately if space becomes available.

For 2022-2023: We are accepting applications for children 5 to 8 years old seeking to enroll for our upcoming academic year. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis but are due by February 25, 2022 for first-round consideration. Families are notified by March regarding enrollment offers.

What is your daily schedule?

Our school day schedule runs from 8.30a - 1.30p Monday through Friday. Scroll down to see a full sample schedule. We have afterschool offerings as well.

What is the Grand Magnolia school calendar?

We follow an academic year schedule (September 8th, 2021 - June 17th, 2022) that closely mirrors Henrico and Richmond Public Schools.  We have school closure camp programs.

How do I inquire regarding openings or to join the waiting list?

Feel free to e-mail us at or submit the contact form on this website.

What are the tuition and fees for Grand Magnolia?

Tuition is $800 per month. In line with our individualized approach, our tuition investment varies, tailored to the payment plan (e.g., 10 or 12-month), and scholarships and aid portrait of each family. Click here to help us create your customized My Magnolia Plan.

We also have a one time application fee ($100) and an enrollment and establishment fee ($500). If you have questions regarding affordability, financial aid, and/or scholarships, please reach out for us to explore options for financial aid and scholarships together.

What is a cohort model?

Our enrolled students progress together rather than moving classes.

For example, our Kindergarten cohort from the 2021-22 will graduate together and move on to become our first grade cohort.

Of course, we know family plans and needs change and we respond flexibly if a cohort's enrollment shifts.

Are you a Montessori/Reggio/Quaker/Waldorf school?


No. We like to think of Montessori, Reggio, Quaker, and Waldorf approaches to education as close cousins of our own.

We share similar  philosophies on child development regarding the empowerment of students as active agents in their own learning in a way the prioritizes creativity and free thinking. We find that families and children who gravitate to these approaches also resonate with our style as well.

What if I still have questions I would love to discuss?

Email (, call (804.214.6705), submit our contact form, schedule a call online,

send an owl - whatever floats your boat! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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